Integrate who you ARE with what you DO

Are you a social worker, nurse, counselor, energy healer or coach? Maybe you work in mental health, addictions, rehabilitation or community services.  In all of these diverse vocations of service, there is a common theme – human beings working with other human beings to offer service to human beings. This show challenges the old paradigm of burnout, exhaustion, sacrifice and separation of self from the service.


My years of experience in human services has taught me these three simple truths: YOU are the resource. Your contribution matters.  You can learn how to integrate WHO you ARE with WHAT you DO through living The Conscious Service Approach.”

Join me in an interactive and dynamic experience to uncover your deepest inspiration as a helping professional and reconnect to a meaningful sense of contribution.

Access the collective wisdom of well known and everyday experts to more deeply explore the challenges that you encounter and bring more enthusiasm and love to your service and life!

I will guide you through an exploration of The Conscious Service Approach in tangible and practical ways including the use of powerful guiding questions, application strategies and perspective shifts.

If you are ready to say good-bye to exhaustion, confusion, lack of control and overwhelm, join me on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month to get an infusion of encouragement and enthusiasm. Call in to discuss any area of your experience you would like to shift and reclaim your personal power to create a life of service that will set you free!

Create a life of Conscious Service that you can fall in love with!

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