Programs & Services

Our programs and services are an integration of holistic approaches designed to encourage authenticity and enhance the sense of fulfillment that comes with connecting to your personal style of contribution. All programs are grounded in best practices and current research related specifically to The Conscious Service Approach. For more information about research results and practical strategies, we invite you to download the reports located on our Membership Page.

Coaching Services ~ NEW

Are you just beginning your career in the helping professions? Maybe, you are at a crossroads or looking for ways to re-ignite your sense of purpose and passion in service to others. Perhaps, you are facing challenging dynamics within your organization.

It’s possible that you are feeling called to be of service in the world ~ you know you have something to offer and contribute ~ you just aren’t sure where to begin.

I invite you to connect with me one-on-one to go deeper and find your answers. Through the lens of The Conscious Service Approach and with the application of Powerful Guiding Questions and other strategies, you will access your inner wisdom, find clarity, and be guided to your next steps.

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Conscious Service Integration Program

This 9 month program is a path to the Conscious Service Approach – a process that employs self-leadership to experience deeper levels of authenticity, fulfillment, enthusiasm, and peace!

In addition to weekly modules, participants have access to bi-weekly coaching calls to enhance learning through direct facilitation and the energy of group work. Prerequisites for this program are an open heart, an open mind and a commitment to active engagement.


Self-Connection Series

This 8-week virtual workshop imparts strategies focused on developing self-reflective practice for personal growth, workplace wellness and health promotion. It’s effective as a stand-alone program or as a primer/follow-up to the 26-week Conscious Service Coaching Program.

  • Connect with what originally motivated you to become a helping professional
  • Identify the key values that inform this motivation
  • Articulate your personal style and approach to your professional life
  • Declare your contribution and take steps towards creating opportunities
  • Develop and establish a daily self-reflective practice
  • Adopt multiple methods for self-reflection to add variety to your practice


Personalized support is available through stand-alone webinars and individualized consultations as well!


Created for the health care & human services industries, these workshops are tailored to professionals pursuing education beyond what’s offered through their organizations. An ideal introduction to The Conscious Service Approach, they’re offered in a variety of formats.

Leadership Development

EBC offers consultation and coaching services designed to support organizational leaders in the development of coaching skills relevant to employee wellbeing and performance management. These services are also extremely beneficial to organizations that aim to integrate Conscious Service principles into their systems, processes and policies.

Integration of the Conscious Service Approach enhances employee recruitment & retention strategies.

Adult Educators

EBC also offers consultation & coaching services designed to support Adult Educators in the development of programs to prepare individuals that are entering the Health Care and Human Services industries. The Conscious Service Approach provides a foundation for individuals to engage in an active personal practice as they transition into their careers.

Consultation Services

Organizations interested in working with Elizabeth Bishop Consulting receive a complimentary consultation to explore ways in which the EBC programs & services might best suit their needs. Consultation is also available for isolated scenarios such as Strategic Planning Meetings and Policy & Procedure Reviews.