Elizabeth’s approach to organizational consulting is grounded in Conscious Service principles and is centered in the co-creation of relational spaces and organizational culture and is focused on developing strong processes and practices as integral to moving toward desired outcomes.

Focus Areas

  • Service Provider Wellbeing
  • Organizational Culture
  • Cultivating Team Relationships
  • Enhancing Quality of Service
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Success and Growth Plans
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Specific Project Work
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Coaching Approaches across the Organization

Burnout Doesn’t Have To Be An Inevitibility

Connect with your contribution and rediscover the inspiration that ignited your career in the first place!

What Is The Conscious Service Approach?

Relationships are the fabric of all the helping professions. But it isn’t just the people accessing services who benefit from these connections – it’s the helping professionals, too. The Conscious Service Approach provides these individuals with the tools to benefit from the transformational relationships they encounter in the workplace and the means to find the fulfillment that attracted them to vocations of service in the first place.

The approach is interconnected and fluid creating a space for personalized introspection, integration, and implementation. Creating a bridge between the personal and the professional, the Conscious Service Approach, becomes a container for all the tools, techniques, theories, and approaches of your unique profession, all the while centering the role of self as integral to the quality of service delivery and your experience of joy and fulfillment in the process.

Each of these components serves as an entry-point, influencing and influenced by the others. 

Self-connection is the most intuitive entry-point because it’s the realization of your true self that deepens your capacity for enlightened communication – one of the foundational pillars for creating transformative relationships. In turn, these elements directly impact your experience when co-creating community.

When you engage with the Conscious Service Approach, each component builds upon the other while also providing opportunities for expansion in other areas. For example, enlightened communication will not only enhance the capacity for transformative relationships but will also create more opportunities to elevate self-connection. 

The dynamic and active ingredient in the center of the approach is self-reflective practice; all the ways that you engage in activities or processes that bring you back to yourself even as you walk in the world of service.

The Conscious Service Approach is a process designed to help integrate all aspects of professional engagement to deepen experiences of authenticity, fulfillment, enthusiasm, and peace! It is not a step by step process – there is no right or wrong way to engage – it is an evolving and fluid way of being, serving, and responding.

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