“Elizabeth exudes wisdom and warmth.  These qualities make it easy for the rest of us to join with her in exploring ourselves and each other in a safe and inviting manner.  I felt so comfortable while challenging my own thoughts and feelings in her Conscious Service Integration Program.  She also helped put me at ease as a very privileged guest on her show. She’s a gift.”Rob Barrett – Executive Director YES Employment Services, Thunder Bay Branch

“Elizabeth’s mission to expand how we consciously serve in our lives and work is a much needed one in our world at this time.  Elizabeth exudes warmth, kindness, compassion, intelligence and thoughtfulness as an interviewer on her show and in all the ways she shows up to make a difference.  I knew I had met a kindred spirit, a woman I wanted to get to know more, the first time we connected on her show.  If you want to be inspired to make a difference, Elizabeth’s open-hearted approach to consciously serving and interviewing, will ignite your inner flame of purpose.”
Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC ~ Director International Association of Journal Writing and Thrive Training and Coaching

Elizabeth has provided our organization personalized Professional Development for more than 10 years. She designed the workshops based on what we decided we needed. Many of our goals are to improve the communication and relationship of the staff, which then ensures better service to the children, families and students at our Centre. Everyone looks forward to the annual Professional Development we spend with Elizabeth. Her work is thought provoking, energizing and gets our team on the same page.”
Anita Price, Former Executive Director, Children and Family Center, Thunder Bay

“I recently have had the pleasure of Elizabeth’s wisdom and insights through her participation as part of my webinar panel discussion on the topic of Expressive Arts Healing through letter writing and my 100,000 Kranes for my Mother ™ project.   This is a healing project for Korean Adoptees, families, Healthcare providers and Adoptee-run Organizational leaders.  The panel discussion brought together Adult Adoptees, Adoptive parents, Therapists and Adoption Organizational Leaders.  Her compassion and engaged dialog helped participants share openly.  It also helped others hear guidance on her Conscious Service process and perspectives.  The panel was grateful for her perspectives, sensitivity and sharing.  I highly recommend her for future dialog or panel discussions!

In addition, I have had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth utilizing her Conscious Service Approach. (Self-Connection, Enlightened Communication, Transformative Relationships and Co-creating Community). 

One of her key approaches is asking questions that lead to opening channels of enlightenment.  As a service provider, her process and insights helped me connect the dots and look at my journey of service and strengthen my skills when helping others to also connect the dots of their own personal stories.  I highly recommend that other service providers, leaders and educators take the time to learn about her work and services as cherished tools for strengthening skills, awareness and service!”
Mele K., Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Doctorate Student