Mynd Myself Podcast with Esther Sarlo ~ Joy & Fulfillment in our workplaces

Mynd Myself Podcast Episode # 38
Joy & Fulfillment in our workplaces

Broadcast Date: 18th July 2023

With Elizabeth Bishop. She has 40 years in Human Services and 30+ years as an Instructor at the Post-Secondary level.

In this episode we explore Joy and Fulfillment in our workplaces:

  • Defining joy and fulfillment…
  • What role do they each play in our wellbeing?
  • How does this relate to ‘being in service’.
  • Exploring how to create cultures of being well in our workplaces.
  • Exploring the relational quality of Conscious Service.
  • PhD research on this topic – discoveries.
  • How Conscious Service relates to service providers in healthcare and human services.
  • As we navigate these issues—either in the workplace or in our personal environments—how do we think in terms of engagement vs. boundary setting?
  • Practical strategies for developing self care practices that emerge from a self-loving presence and encouraged through a self compassionate attitude.
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