Introducing the Conscious Service Approach

Method or Approach? What’s the difference?

Until recently, I had been calling this approach The Conscious Service Method. I decided that the term ‘method’ sounded too prescriptive implying that there is this one perfect formula for creating conscious service in our lives. I have come to realize that I am really talking about an approach – an ever-evolving practice that may manifest in a variety of ways.

Engagement in this practice may vary over time – sometimes, very active and focused and at other times, abandoned. In my own life, I have experienced engagement to varying degrees. During those times where I feel that I have abandoned my practice, I have continued to stay aware of my ability to re-engage at any time. So, in some ways it has not really been abandoned. I imagine you will notice the same variations in your own practice.

The Four Elements of the Conscious Service Approach

The Conscious Service Approach is based upon four inter-related components:

  1. Self-Connection
  1. Enlightened Communication
  1. Transformative Relationships
  1. Co-Creating Community

One Meaningful Insight

Just a quick side note here – when I use the term conscious service, I am not implying that we are unconscious in our current state of being. I am, however, pointing to the common experience that I believe we all share – and that is one of disconnection – at times, disillusionment – and the habit of bobbing along the surface – switching to auto-pilot, so to speak.

I have noticed in my own life that during times of overwhelm and uncertainty, it can feel more comfortable to focus on tasks and to do lists – anything that resides in the realm of the familiar. To go to a deeper level of myself – to slow down and really be present in my life – feels like too much energy – too much work. For me, this is where lack of consciousness comes into play.

In reality, the more capacity we have to slow down, to really notice what is happening within and around us, and to find a sense of presence and connection to ourselves and our experiences, the closer we get to remaining conscious and engaged in our lives. One meaningful insight can change the entire experience of a day.

Interactive. Interconnected. Ever Evolving.

 I’d like to provide you with a general understanding of each component of the conscious service approach – just to get our feet wet!

I like to think of this approach as interactive in nature. Each component is interconnected to the others. The process is ever evolving in all directions.

So for example, there must be a sense of self-connection in order to engage in enlightened communication. Enlightened communication is a requirement for transformative relationships. Co-creative Community is built upon transformative relationships. That said however, each component contributes to greater growth in the other areas.

We can learn to enhance or sense of self-connection as we engage in enlightened communication, transformative relationships and so on. The active ingredient throughout the conscious service approach is Self-Reflective Practice – something I will talk about in future blogs.

So next time, I’m going to shift gears and for each area, provide you with a list of words and phrases – maybe, a few questions – to activate your thought processes about conscious service.

Let’s get started!

Until then, what does Conscious Service mean to you?

Can you think of a time when you felt so connected to what you were doing that your conscious experience was enhanced?


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