Beliefs Have a Life of Their Own: Illuminate Your Beliefs and Change Your Experience


No matter where you are in your life and your career; whether you feel fulfilled, content, pissed off or drained, spending some time exploring your belief systems is one of the most powerful ways to shake things up!

You may uncover beliefs that you are ready to let go! Things like “life is hard,” “nothing ever works out.” You get the picture! Make the decision to adjust your belief systems in order to see new experiences.

Iyanla Vanzant (one of my favourite authors) suggests the following question:

“What must I believe in order to see this experience in my life?”

Powerful, right?

Here is my Declaration of Beliefs:

I Believe….

…in the power of the personal presence

…in everyone’s capacity for change – we are all evolving continuously

…in the divine desire to contribute

…in the healing energy of loving kindness


I Believe

…that we are all here for a reason

…that we all have something beautiful to contribute

…that we all have access to intuition and inspiration

…that joy, peace, and fulfillment are our divine birthright


I Believe

 …happy people spread joy

…personally powerful people are contagious

…responsibility is the path to freedom

…authenticity is refreshing


I Believe

 …relationships are the containers for transformation

…connection happens in the moment

…vulnerability leads to intimacy – and I’m not talking about sex

…love never hurts – that’s something else


I Believe

 …personally fulfilled people tend to encourage others towards fulfillment

…your spark can light the world

…your presence in the world matters

…you are the only one who can be you


I believe in the inherent wisdom of the soul and the resiliency of the human spirit


Let’s get started!


It’s okay if you declare something that you are in the process of accepting into your belief system. It will give you the opportunity to override those nay-saying thoughts that might come up! Good practice!


What do you believe – deep down?

Shout it from the mountaintop – or you could simply share it here!


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