Self-Love Circles

You might notice that I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to love yourself. It seems to be a conscious theme in my life lately and I like to listen to those themes and respond as best I can.   It helps to define self-love from our personal perspective. At the

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Honoring Body Wisdom

Do you consider yourself a grounded person? I can’t say that I have ever defined myself as grounded. I often feel as though my feet are barely touching the surface of the earth. It makes for a bit of a wobbly walk at times. Sometimes, I have even felt as though my head is

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Crafting Your Ideal Day

  If you could have it any way you wanted it, what would it be? Can you fully describe your perfect day? I bet you can conjure up some images of lying on a beach somewhere, or snuggling up in a cabin in front of a roaring fire. It might be dream vacations that

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How do you spell Retreat?

With the summer upon us now, I am carried away with thoughts of sailing off into the sunset ~ shaking up my regular routine for something that feels different ~ not necessarily more exciting or less busy ~ just different. Retreat to me can mean many things. I can retreat during times when I

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