Choose Your Energy Wisely


Setting the Tone

Do you ever tune in to your very first thought – the very first feeling – the moment you open your eyes? This is a significant moment in your day. it sets the tone for the whole day.

What if it is one of a lower vibration? What if your first thought is one of self-defeat or dread for the day before you? What if your first feeling is one of fear? How does this impact upon your actions – your first few steps into the day?

We are beings of energy. The energy we create and focus upon sets us up for every experience and every interaction we have throughout the day.

Shared Energy

Have you ever noticed the energy of other people and how you feel in their presence? Think about those times when you spend some time with a friend or colleague who is feeling excited and confident. How do you feel after this interaction? Do you find yourself lifted? Maybe, you feel a bit clearer – inspired – connected.

What about those times when you spend time with someone who is having a bad day – complaining – worried – feeling small? Try to notice what happens to your own energy in these situations. We are all connected and we affect each other in energetic ways.

But, this is not so much about other people. Our energy is our responsibility. How others impact us is entirely up to us. You hold the power to decide how you will respond to the multitude of interactions you have with others throughout the day.

How do you do this? By taking hold of the reins as soon as you become aware of it. You decide right away – first thing – how you are going to carry yourself throughout your day. What activities – thoughts – feelings – practices help you to feel a lighter sense of being within your own skin? Focus here. And do it right away.

How do you want people to feel in your presence? What kind of energy do you wish to contribute? Are you a wet blanket or a source of inspiration? You decide.

The Power to Choose

So, when you open your eyes first thing tomorrow morning, tune in. What’s going on? Do you like it? If not, make the decision in that moment to engage a lighter and brighter energy. Make this your commitment and ask yourself what choices will lead you to this experience. Decide to stay connected to yourself so you are aware of your energetic influences throughout the day.

They say that we eat first with our eyes. Consider this a metaphor for the influence that our energetic contributions have in our experiences. Before we even say a word, our energy is speaking. Consider this…

The next time you are attending a meeting that you don’t really want to be at, think about how this energy of wishing to be somewhere else impacts not only on your experience but the experience of everyone else.

What can you do to shift to a lighter vibration? Breathe. Can you see this as an opportunity for contribution and learning or will you stay stuck in the muck? Reframe. If you cannot find a way to raise your energetic vibration, can you respectfully bow out? Would stepping away be one of the actions you could take to honour yourself and others? Regenerate.

Now, I’m not so delusional to think that we are constantly in full conscious awareness of our energetic experience. Sometimes, it takes a nasty moment to help us self-connect to check in with our current state and then make a shift if we deem it necessary. Or sometimes, we might feel like crawling under the covers for the rest of the day. If you can and that’s what you want then do it!

It’s all about choices!

Let’s get started!

Tune into your energy as soon as you open your eyes. Try this for a week.

See what shows up and tell us what you discover. You might be surprised!


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