Expressions of Service: Our Gifts of Self, Sensitivity and Responsiveness with Dawn Nickel at She Recovers

She Recovers Foundation
Broadcast Date: 19th September 2022

We can all contribute to the world in ways that have personal meaning, cultivate joy and fulfillment, and have an impact.

In this session, with Elizabeth Bishop the author of The Conscious Service Approach ™, a research-based set of principles designed to enhance both the experience of service providers and the quality of service they offer, we will explore:

  • How service is personally expressed, how joy and fulfillment are inherent to the experience of wellness
  • How natural sensitivity is a superpower
  • Developing self-responsive behavior is a deeply personally honoring practice safeguarding us against the risk of self-abandonment

About Elizabeth Bishop

Bishop’s professional background includes more than forty years in human service. Her experience ranges from facility- to community-based services and from direct service provision to management and leadership responsibilities. She has specialized in developmental services, brain injury rehabilitation, and mental health programs.


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