Finding Your True North: How Inspired Intention can transform your professional life

No matter what you do in life, you will have a greater chance of success if your intention is driven by inspiration. Inspiration is transformative, changing duty to passion and decision into determination. Thus, an Inspired Intention can become your center, your True North for when you hit those inevitable bumps in the road.

Inspired Intention


Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. In yoga, we are taught that breath is the keystone to a successful practice. A common suggestion for anxiety relief is breathing deeply. Remember when your Mom told you to count to ten? Breathing can transform negativity and anxiety into positivity and calm. Now, apply this principal to your intention. Inspiration is the breath that both transforms your intention into determined, focused action while nourishing it and giving it roots – this is the power of Inspired Intention.

Making Meaning

How is meaning defined? Meaning is the significance, the purpose of your intention. And here we come to the second building block of Inspired Intention: Making Meaning.

This seems simple, obvious even, but many of us forget this. Meaning is important. A while ago (not so very long ago actually) I decided that no matter what I did both professionally and personally, it had to mean something to me. When my actions and intentions are imbued with meaning, I become inspired. Therefore, Making Meaning allows for Inspired Intention and vice versa. Keeping these principles in mind will always lead you back to your internal True North – no matter what life throws at you.

My Inspired Intention

Being of service to the world around me, contributing in both large and small ways is my true calling. It’s both profoundly powerful and scares the hell out of me! But in this space my Inspired Intention is to:

  • come from my personal perspective – it’s the one I know best
  • be transparent
  • be present
  • keep it real
  • share what I know in ways that are helpful
  • accept responsibility for my words and actions
  • learn from you
  • gently challenge you to find your inspired intention and to live it
  • support, to encourage, and to celebrate your unique contribution


Now, let’s get started.

What inspired you to work in service to others? Was there a defining moment for you? Share your thoughts!

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