How Astrology Enhanced My Spiritual Practice


I have always been interested in astrology mostly for entertainment purposes. Over the years, I would spend time reading my horoscope in the paper or digging through the odd astrological book. I would kind of play it in whatever way suited me at the time. If I liked what was being said, then I bought into it. If I didn’t like it, I tossed it out ~ it’s just astrology after all.

Well, that all changed for me about a year ago when I was introduced to a man who has spent his life researching, discovering, and developing an approach based in astrology and integrated with spiritual principles that has made a real difference for me.

His name is Christopher Witecki and he discovered the 11 Steps to Sirius Joy. I’ll tell you more about Christopher later. For now, I want to tell you how these steps have changed my life.

Learning about the different states of being that exist within us has provided me with so much more information in order to understand the process we go through as we experience our lives and create our experience.


I have had a couple of key takeaways this past year that have changed the playing field for me entirely ~ both personally and professionally. Christopher taught me about the need for Self-Compassion and how deeply lacking I had been in this regard.

Previously, I had equated self-compassion with letting myself off the hook when I felt I had screwed up. It was really more like making excuses as opposed to genuine self-compassion.

Before, I thought it had to do with giving myself permission to be “lazy” instead of doing something for my health because after all, I deserved it. It was really a justification for my lack of follow through and commitment to myself and to my own wellbeing.

When I felt sad or afraid or anxious, my past behavior would be to go to something for relief as quickly as possible whether that was destructive or constructive ~ the goal was to get away from the feeling instead of acknowledging it and honoring its message.

When I most needed someone by my side ~ when I most needed to be by my own side ~ I was nowhere to be found. And I actually believed that I was pretty good at demonstrating self-compassion. I mean I knew that I could be really hard on myself and wallow in guilt and shame for longer than I needed to, but still…

Well, I realized after absorbing the material I was learning from Christopher that I had a long way to go in my capacity for self-compassion.

When we are lacking in self-compassion it shows up in so many ways in our lives. We feel it in the times of resentment and remorse. We sense it when we step out of integrity and deny our own truth for any reason. We hear it when we tune into the bully inside our heads that never lets up. We recognize it when we see ourselves accepting scraps and crumbs because we don’t believe we deserve any better. We have settled.

Recently, I had an epiphany. The situation itself was small in the grand scheme of things but the insight and shift was profound.

I was sitting drinking my morning coffee ~ the only one I want and enjoy all day.   A few seconds earlier when I had added the cream, I noticed there were a few flakes floating around and I got to scooping them out with a spoon. I took a little sniff followed by a little sip and thought to myself, “It’s okay…I can drink this.”

A few sips later, I was fully aware that the cream was sour but I kept trying to convince myself that it would be okay and I could just “suck it up,” so to speak. Suddenly, I realized that in that moment, I didn’t even think enough of myself to pour it down the drain and make a fresh cup. I sat there trying to make my way through a cup of coffee I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Wow!

I declared right then and there that this habit of settling for something or pretending that something is good enough when it clearly isn’t was over in my life. Done. Finite. And I didn’t take another sip.

Later that morning, I heard Christopher say that quite often we only think of self-compassion when we do the \”big\” things like leaving a toxic job situation or relationship, perhaps after suffering for many years. But, the truth is, acting with self-compassion is most powerful in response to the \”little\” things; they way we treat ourselves each day.

Feeling Good

Another profound piece of Witecki Wisdom that has altered my life in the past year is this notion that my primary task on a day-to-day basis is to feel good. Wow! Really? Could it be that simple?

Well, when you think about it, it is. If I am engaging in authentic self-compassion with a focus on my ability to feel good, I am likely to be a much more powerful force for love in the world. I’ll bet you that any Service I wish to extend to others will be more genuine, of higher quality, and ultimately fulfilling to me as well. If I’m feeling the love, there is a greater chance that others will feel it too.

I have come to realize that honoring my heart’s desires is a very profound way to demonstrate self-compassion. I don’t have to make myself jump through hoops to prove I am worthy of what I want and need to make life safe, secure, comfortable, easy, and fun. And neither do you.

Join Us

Believe me, I could go on and on but I would rather you learn more about the Steps to Sirius Joy from the Creator himself ~ Christopher Witecki. Chris will be joining me as my guest on the next episode of Serving Consciously on Friday May 26, 2017 at 12pm PST at Just go there at noon and click on Listen Live and you’ll be in. You can also call during the show to speak to us directly and ask questions by dialing 1-844-390-8255.

Christopher Witecki is the Sensei to Sirius*JoY! Christopher is a psychic-astrologer, web TV series host, and software creator that combines his unique talents to form a cohesive life-coaching program for people seeking to find their joy and happiness. His weekday series “Namaste Today” provides daily spiritual guidance inspired by astrology and focuses on individual, daily achievement with practical applications.

Witecki has pioneered a new arm of astrological study he calls “step astrology.” His method combines the knowledge of numerology, astrology, and sacred geometry into a definitive, step-by-step method to self-awareness. His approach known as “the 11º steps to Sirius*JoY” walks a person through a process of self-enlightenment, opening the doors for personal joy and manifesting abundance.

Born to a psychic beautician and a self-proclaimed Jedi knight, Christopher grew up in a spiritually eclectic household of Catholicism, Buddhism, Tarot, Star Wars, and the occult. He discovered his passion for studying astrology at age 19 while pursuing film making at Columbia College, in Chicago Illinois.

In 2006, at age 33, Christopher launched his first YouTube web series, “Soul Horoscopes” where he hosted a video horoscope for all 12 signs, five days a week. (60 videos a week) He continued at this pace for five years, producing over 16,000 videos before moving on to host and produce a variety of free spiritual videos on topics ranging from Feng Shui to Archangels.

In July 2014, Christopher began his most recent web series, “Namaste Today.” Airing on weekdays, Christopher provides the “Zodiac Weather” of the day and dives into a fascinating spiritual topic with “Tea Time.” The series compliments his daily Sensei Service. To watch Christopher or book a personal reading with him, please visit

So, please plan to tune in ~ Christopher’s work is mind blowing and heart expanding. I hope you can be there!


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