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Broadcast Date: 1st September 2022

Elizabeth’s belief in humanity and the power of the human spirit began when she was just a girl – as did her aspiration to become a teacher.

Volunteer work as a teenager was followed by two years at Community College in the Developmental Service Worker Program. Specializing in developmental services was followed by several years in community-based brain injury rehabilitation.

During this period, Elizabeth was enduring a series of challenges and life changes herself. Turning inward, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, focusing on her own spiritual development and personal growth. That’s when she realized the positive impact this work could have in professional AND personal lives.

That’s when she found her truth: As individuals providing services to people and communities, our number-one commitment must be to our OWN health and growth. Because it’s the highest-evolved versions of ourselves that are capable of the most meaningful contributions and greatest change. This is a responsibility we have to OURSELVES.

It was a belief that became the guiding light for her graduate research – a platform that provided a formal opportunity to rigorously test these ideas, refine the content and integrate the processes for effective, transformative learning. It was challenging work but it was worth it. This was the birth of the Conscious Service Approach.

Elizabeth holds a diploma in Developmental Services, a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Religious Studies, and a Masters degree in Adult Education. For thirty years, she’s been working in Human Services and Education, putting the Conscious Service Approach to work in her personal and professional life. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies to further her research and the work of conscious service.

Elizabeth is the author of Conscious Service: Ten Ways to Reclaim Your Calling, Move Beyond Burnout, and Make a Difference without Sacrificing Yourself (release date, April 2022).

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