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Embrace Your Evolutionary Journey

Change is often met with resistance.

Even when we want to experience change and growth, we would rather just be on the other side as opposed to going through the middle parts. It’s a gift, I think, that we are able to see the other side and know it’s there, even when we feel like there is an insurmountable obstacle between us and it!

Most destinations simply cannot be reached without the journey. When we embrace the journey, we are able to access the gifts along the way. We become intimately connected to our own learning. We capture those insights that come in the stillness of the moment. We are present.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not written anywhere that you have to like it! Learn to identify your resources. Where do you find comfort? What encourages you? What do you need in order to stay the course – to walk through the muck of it all? Figure this out and draw on it as needed. And try not to judge your choices!

As a helping professional, you can be a demonstration of the courage and willingness it takes to commit to the evolutionary journey. You will have the wisdom of your own experience and a greater capacity to understand.


Express Your Evolutionary Discovery

 This can be tough. It isn’t enough to learn something – to grow – it has to be utilized. Maybe, this seems like a no-brainer to you. “Well, of course I have to use it. If I have changed wouldn’t that just come naturally?” Yes and no.

Sometimes, it does come naturally like in the instance I shared above when I didn’t even realize something had changed until I did something different. But sometimes, we notice the growth – the changed perspective – and then life gives us the opportunity to practice.

It’s time to take different thinking into different action. And this can be scary as hell! Why?

Well, we are creatures of habit. And we often have created safe little spaces to exist within – encouraging the people around us to help us stay there. Safe, maybe, but also limiting. Safe can sometimes be disguised in what is familiar. It isn’t really safe, it’s just comfortable and we know what it is.

Expressing our evolutionary discovery when it threatens to shake up this false sense of security can be unnerving. And we might have to take a couple of runs at it before we hit the mark. A couple or a thousand; it doesn’t matter.


Be Kind To Yourself

Baby steps! Cut yourself some slack. Some days, you will be filled with the confidence, courage and commitment it takes to live out of your evolution and other days, you might just cave and go along with the same old, same old. Who cares!

Could you imagine telling someone you were supporting – either professionally or personally – “look, you said you had changed and evolved; now why the hell aren’t you doing things differently?” Not likely. You might think it but you wouldn’t necessarily say it.

Don’t speak to yourself in ways that you would not speak to others. Take the same supportive approach to yourself as you would with anyone else.

Acknowledge that you didn’t quite live up to your own expectations. Believe me, we always know when this happens. And just tell yourself, it’s okay. Maybe, it didn’t happen this time, but there is always another opportunity. Be inquisitive. Get curious. Explore your emotions. Examine your fears. Keep your heart and mind wide open and be willing to receive guidance, support and expansion with grace and ease.

As your evolutionary illuminations take root within you, your steps will become guided accordingly. Some changes are super big. Trust your process. There is lots of time.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I don’t think I’m the only one who beats myself up when I think I’ve screwed up or missed an opportunity.

Give to yourself the same respect and compassion you wish to extend to others.


Let’s get started!

How you demonstrate loving kindness to yourself when you really need it?


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