Confident Conscious Leadership with Kathy Archer

Surviving to Thriving Podcast with Kathy Archer
Episode # 14 – Confident Conscious Leadership with Elizabeth Bishop Lead with Conscious Awareness and Authenticity
Broadcast Date: 25th June 2020

NONPROFIT PODCAST: The Surviving to Thriving Podcast for Women leaders who want to enjoy impactful leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Burnout wreaks havoc in nonprofit leadership. But when it does, it diminishes our work to lead effectively.

Leaders do not have to burnout, though! There is a different way!

Through her 30+ years in the nonprofit, Elizabeth has realized that as individuals providing services to people and communities, we MUST recognize that our number-one commitment must be to our OWN health and growth.

When we do that, the highest-evolved versions of ourselves capable of the most meaningful contributions and greatest change emerges!

Commitment to our health and growth is a responsibility we have to OURSELVES.

To do this work, Elizabeth has created the Conscious Service Approach. Learn more in this episode what it takes to be a confident conscious leader!

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A bit about Elizabeth

Elizabeth holds a diploma in Developmental Services, a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Religious Studies and a Masters degree in Adult Education. For thirty years, she’s been working in Human Services and Education, putting the Conscious Service Approach to work in her personal and professional life.

Now, she’s helping other Helping Professionals do the same. Learn more about putting the conscious service approach to work here.

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