How to Regain Your Passion for Non-Profit Work with Kathy Archer

Surviving to Thriving Podcast with Kathy Archer
Broadcast Date: 9th February 2021

Love in Your NonProfit

Have you lost your passion for your work?
Do you wish you could feel engaged, create an engaged team and enjoy the work you do?

All of that comes from allowing your heart to be involved in your work. Too often, we’ve been told to stop being so emotional. To no be so caring. We’ve been told we’ll burn ourselves out.

But we are burning ourselves out by not caring, not feeling and numbing out.

In this episode, Elizabeth and I engage in a dialogue about bringing your heart back into your work! You’ll learn strategies, mindsets and most importantly, you’ll gain the permission to once again feel the love in the workplace!

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth holds a diploma in Developmental Services, a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Religious Studies and a Masters degree in Adult Education. For thirty years, she’s been working in Human Services and Education, putting the Conscious Service Approach to work in her personal and professional life. Now, she’s helping other Helping Professionals do the same.

Learn more about putting the conscious service approach to work here.

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